Any metric when monitored, improves.

Real Time Dashboards

The MagnetCloud platform allows you to monitor your data in real time. Our systems are compatible with high-speed production lines and PLCs which means you see the data as it is generated. Track and analyse historical trends through customizable filters and graphs.

SMS and email alerts

Program your dashboard to send alerts when predefined events occur. E.g. SMS alert sent to the engineering services division in case a sudden drop in pump pressure or an email alert to plant maintenance engineers in the event of a machine breakdown.

Built on the Cloud

Our hardware transports data securely to the cloud. This allows you to access the data remotely from a device of your choosing. You will also be able to export the data to other enterprise applications through the MagnetAPI.

Wireless and Secure

Our hardware is built to be completely wireless. Using low power wireless networking technologies, we ensure that a completely connected factory is achieved without laying a single cable. This means faster setup and lower capital costs for our customers